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How Does It Work?

The highest compliment our parents can pay us is the referral of family or friends for child care at one of our schools. The trust and confidence that you place in us each and every day means a great deal. In appreciation of that trust and confidence, we are excited to share our Parent Referral Program. You will receive a $150 TUITION CREDIT for every new enrollment as a result of your referral. Each time a child is enrolled in any of our locations as a result of your recommendation to other parents, you will receive a $150 TUITION CREDIT.

Parents of Children in Our Schools Tell Us How Much They Appreciate the Exceptional Education Their Children Receive
Refer a Friend

How do I get started?

The referral program is easy. Just download the Parent Referral Form, fill in the referral information, and submit it to your school director. Once the new family has used our child care services for a period of four weeks, your account will be credited accordingly. Your school director will also notify you by a message.

Lianna Swanson

East Arlington Family Daycare

My name is Lianna Swanson and my 2 year old son Damian Swanson has been attending Elizabeth's Daycare since March of 2008.Throughout his tenure at the day care, I've had no complaints and no incidents. Elizabeth gives me a detailed account of his activities during the day, including meals and nap time. She also keeps me updated about up to date caretaker licenses and safety training (such as CPR & First Aid). Any issue or concern I have regarding his time in day care is addressed in a helpful, non-confrontational and reassuring manner. I feel comfortable communicating with my day care provider and confident that any question will be solved to my satisfaction. Above all, my son was healthy and happy in Elizabeth's daycare. 
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