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Our Infant Program offers a second home environment for 14 infants. The program includes two classrooms, each licensed for seven children daily. Attachment is one of the most important factors to consider for infants and is believed to influence relationships with others later in life. For this reason, we have three full-time professional staff members in each classroom so that the children in our care can form deep attachments and trust with a primary caregiver.

Our Infant One and Infant Two classrooms have been designed to calm babies’ senses by providing a safe, loving, warm, and rich environment where each receives individual time to engage in learning and is given the emotional support needed to thrive. Teachers spend individual time with each infant providing learning experiences, and feeding, diapering, and dressing them. They also ensure that enough quiet time and rest time are provided. There is always special time for cuddling or rocking throughout the day. All of these experiences build upon the trust and bond between the infant and caregiver.

Infants need predictability, so a regular routine and relationships are provided. Teachers work closely with parents even before their infant joins the classroom to discuss when their baby is fed, diapered, dressed, sleeps, and plays. In this way, every infant’s individual needs are met and they stay on their own schedule. Each baby’s individual daily activity is based on his or her evolving pattern of playing, eating, and sleeping. While this routine may be similar at home and at the Center, it is natural—given the classroom setting’s group dynamics—that the infant might follow a slightly different schedule at EDPC. Teachers communicate closely with parents to find each child’s daily rhythm and partner with families to regulate the child’s pattern and routine.

Infants are naturally curious, and they are driven to explore and to practice new skills. They learn through all their senses by touching, smelling, hearing, seeing, and tasting. By providing developmentally appropriate materials, rich experiences, and a nurturing environment, our teaching staff helps them learn about the world around them and gain knowledge that promotes future learning. The curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers; infants will be assessed every three months based on these standards.

The infants in our care are given plenty of time for tummy time and time on the floor to build self-confidence and physical control with a teacher’s guidance and supervision. When exploring the environment, the infant becomes a creative, self-motivated, and curious learner early on Singing, reading, talking, and playing are daily classroom activities. Spanish Language and American Sign Language is incorporated to help the infants and teachers communicate with one another. Infants will develop at their own pace and teachers will be there to support this natural process.



15 months to 2.9

Teachers will provide indoor and outdoor time for our little ones when the weather is appropriate. Toddlers enjoy outside time on our private playground area and relaxing walks in our Buggy. They will have time to observe the exciting new world around them! Inside our little ones will be given opportunities to strengthen their newly emerging skills through lessons planned by our teachers, these will include sensory activities, gross and fine motor activities, sign language lessons, music, socialization time, reading time, and free exploration! Our teachers are also speaking to the toddlers in Spanish throughout the day, their little minds are sponges and are more than capable of learning another language! You will be able to indicate in your child's individual plan how often you would like your child spoken to in Spanish during the day!


  • Private outdoor playground space
  • Buggy for exploration walks
  • Music
  • Low student to teacher ratios
  • Individualized plans
  • Bilingual Education in English and Spanish


The Preschool classes educational and bilingual themed lessons planned by our experienced Holaamigos and dedicated teachers! Our children will be able to explore the classroom and participate in hands on lessons that incorporate mathematics, language and literacy, movement, art, science, music, and dramatic play in both the English and Spanish language. Lessons will become more challenging throughout the year to prepare our students for the Preschool or Pre-K class for the following fall. These lessons will follow project themes and topics while incorporating math concepts and problem solving skills, early literacy skills, hands on science activities and observations, art lessons and studies and more! 


  • Private Outdoor playground space
  • Indoor Multi-Purpose room
  • Music
  • Zumbini (Preschool)
  • Low student to teacher ratios
  • Bilingual Education in English and Spanish


Our Pre-K programs are bilingual programs and our students are being taught and spoken to in both the English and Spanish language. Our highly experienced teachers are creating challenging and interactive lessons for the children throughout the academic year. Children are taught through inquiry and work on hands on science experiments and lessons, problem solving and critical thinking skills in mathematics and language and literacy, art lessons, music, a Spanish cooking class, active movement activities, and activities and trips that help them to learn about our community. Our students will be working inside their classrooms as well as out indoor multipurpose room, our private playground area, nature and observation walks, and local field trips! The students in this class are provided with an individualized education to prepare them for Kindergarten and their Elementary years. They work on handwriting and early reading skill as well as mathematics and begin exploring higher level topics in science and social studies. Our lessons are made to be interactive to engage the students and keep them actively, through the inquiry method children become responsible for their own learning.


Private Outdoor playground space

Indoor Multi-Purpose room


Bilingual Cooking Class

Bilingual Theater

Local walks and field trips

Low student to teacher ratios

Bilingual Education in English and Spanish

Meet Our Teachers
Nuestras Maestras 

All EDPC staff members meet or exceed the qualifications set forth by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). Many teachers have bachelor or master’s degrees, in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or a related field. Our staff members are continually learning, growing and staying abreast of best practices within our field through participating in workshops, seminars, and conferences.

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