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Our goal is for your chiquitos to develop a lifelong   ability to communicate with people from other 

cultures, countries, and backgrounds and to expand their educational, professional, and social opportunities.  


We created a blended approach rooted in play to nurture the whole child. Beginning with an emergent curriculum, children are gradually exposed to components and best practices from progressive curriculums like Reggio Emilia, and Pedagogy of Play. We encourage self-directed play to give children the opportunity to hone decision-making and planning skills. Curriculum is co-constructed with the children and their emergent ideas and interests guide our topics of investigation.

We believe in building a loving and supporting community. We are committed to be engaged and involved in the child's everyday learning where they can enjoy a welcoming, loving, and rich environment in which children can live, grow, play, discover, develop, dream, and learn.

Let's learn !

Pedagogy and Approach

Our unique combination of an academically challenging, emotionally supportive, and creatively stimulating environment and activities provides our students with a solid foundation for the future.

We use our daily practices for our practical life skills, and sensorial activities. Our Hands-on project-based activities offer children an engaging and interactive way to follow the Spanish narrative and connect it with what their little hands are doing. This includes science experiments, gardening, cooking, arts and crafts.

We also value the Child-led and team communication approach followed by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Children will enjoy the benefit of having their environment serve as The Third Teacher. They will express themselves through "drawings, sculpting, dramatic play, writing, and painting." This is often referred to as learning through’ The Hundred languages. We will document your child’s school journey through pictures, videos, and portfolios.

Everything we do is enriched through a lens of global and community awareness and cultural sensitivity. At Elizabeth's Daycare and Preschool center we embrace diversity, heritage and celebrate our differences. Our small ratio allows us to truly support each child’s emotional, physical, and cognitive needs.


Exploring and Recording 

Building Friendship

Sensory Play

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